Every good thing comes to an end,

unfortunately, yes, you are reading right, we decided to stop Repoleak as of April 2018.
First of all Jonathan and I would like to thank you, for your support, help and for using repoleak which led us to pursue this crazy idea that we could help the jailbreak community save time for the better. It has been an incredible journey with you during those 4 years, full of new people, full of happiness, full of crazyness, full of learning and so much things that we couldn't be more grateful for.

So, what's next ? Well, we don't know yet. To be honest we didn't think much about it, we are going to focus each on our life for a while and probably at some point we'll figure out something new to pursue. :)
What is for sure is that we'll never forget this experience and we hope that we have helped you save some time to reconnect with what is important to you.

and wishing you all a great future.

Jonathan & Romain